Continued Growth and Resources


ITL 530 Resources

This resource gives information relating to cyber bullying, different forms of bullying, and what to do about it.

ITL 518

ITL 518 has helped me understand the connections between learning maps, learning progressions, and project based learning. When teachers can visually see the connections and implement instruction effectively, great teachers results. Below are some great resources related to this subject.

ITL 516

                ITL 516 has helped me understand how to teach math and integrate different subjects into it. Students need to be able to relate math to their lives and have a hands on approach. Below are some math resources relating to progressions and how to teach well:

  ITL 514

        ITL 514 has helped me assess students effectively and see the tangible benefit through analyzing critical data points to modify instruction. Below are some resources relating to assessing students.

Assessing Students 

ITL 512

     ITL 512 helped me become a more effective teacher. As a teacher, goals, character, and conduct are important to me. Some important ways in which I believe I have grown in this area include being joyful for criticism. Sometimes criticism can be seen in a negative light. However, I believe the right perspective is to be thankful for experienced teachers who can point out what I’m doing wrong and lead me in the right direction. Below is a link on the connection between humility and teaching effectively.

Link– Humility and effective teaching


      ITL 510 was instrumental for my professional growth. Part of our coursework included using technology for easy access to relevant resources. Truly, being proficient in technology can make teaching easier by providing visual data, easy access to relevant resources, providing tools for teaching, and yielding valuable data to make important decisions. Below is a Symbaloo that contains a plethora of resources related to phonemic awareness. 

Phonemic Awareness


ITL 608 Continued Growth and Resources

         ITL 608 gave me a foundational framework of knowledge and how to implement it in the classroom. Assessments, classroom management, and how to write a lesson plan are some aspects of what I learned. In addition, I think about classroom management differently. I like how I learned about logical consequences. As teachers, we don’t want students to associate homework with punishment. As I continue in my program, I will continue to refine and develop my thinking patterns for implementation in the classroom.

For further learning and development:

Classroom Management

By continually learning about how different educators manage their class and write lesson plans, I can use the resources available to implement instruction effectively. 

TPE 3.5 and 4.5 continued growth education resources:

TPE 3.5 CELDT Information

TPE 4.5 Independent Learners Edutopia


TPE 6.2 Evaluating Values and how they impact decisions

TPE 6.6 Understanding Professional Roles and Responsibilities

TPE 6.7 How educational governance in California impacts decision making

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