TPE 2 Assignments

ITL 530 Comprehensive Classroom management assignment:

TPE 2 Comprehensive assignment-

Final Notebook!!!

ITL 530 TPES Demonstrated:

2.Create learning environments (i.e., traditional, blended, and online) that promote productive student learning, encourage positive interactions among students, reflect diversity and multiple perspectives, and are culturally responsive.

3. Establish, maintain, and monitor inclusive learning environments that are physically, mentally, intellectually, and emotionally healthy and safe to enable all students to learn, and recognize and appropriately address instances of intolerance and harassment among students, such as bullying, racism, and sexism.


Cyber Bullying Presentation

Value to Showcase:

This assignment provides a comprehensive understanding of what bullying is and how it is manifested through cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is a serious topic because people are prone to say whatever they want online. They don’t have to face anyone face to face so the communication can be mean and bolder. Some students as young as elementary school have committed suicide because of cyber bullying. Teaching students the effects of cyber bullying is a important step toward a classroom environment that values and embraces kindness and respect. Truly, the cause of almost all problems is a lack of love and thinking of oneself first. Loving others includes being selfless and thinking of others first before oneself. I believe bullying can be prevented by modeling acts of kindness. When students see an authority figure who models character, many of them will try to emulate what they see. In addition, emulating kindness produces a learning environment that promotes student learning.



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