TPE 3 Assignments

ITL 518 TPES Demonstrated:


Plan, design, implement, and monitor instruction consistent with current subject-specific pedagogy in the content area(s) of instruction, and design and implement disciplinary and cross-disciplinary learning sequences, including integrating the visual and performing arts as applicable to the discipline.


Individually and through consultation and collaboration with other educators and members of the larger school community, plan for effective subject matter instruction and use multiple means of representing, expressing, and engaging students to demonstrate their knowledge.


Learning Map Revised 2-converted

ITL 518_ Learning Progressions in Science Presentation

Value to Showcase:

The assignments provided the foundational understandings of Science, learning progressions, and a map for planning and teaching. These assignments were essential for creating the project based learning project that integrated cross disciplines; it can be found under TPE 5. In addition, we collaborated with other students to complete these projects and come up with engaging instruction for students. Truly, these assignments are like the foundation for building a project. Without a solid foundation, the building collapses. The building is like the final product; the actual teaching and learning that happens. The teacher is the architect and the builder. I’m glad I could complete these assignments so I have a better picture of the project based assignments.

ITL 510 TPES Demonstrated:

TEP 3.1 and 3.2:

TPE 3: Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter for Student Learning

Elements Be for Beginning teachers:

1. Demonstrate knowledge of subject matter, including the adopted California State Standards and curriculum frameworks.

2. Use knowledge about students and learning goals to organize the curriculum to facilitate student understanding of subject matter, and make accommodations and/or modifications as needed to promote student access to the curriculum.

Final Draft

Learning Map Additional Information

Frog and Toad Student Packet

Value to Showcase:

The learning map assignment is instrumental for developing instruction that is based on the California Standards. The standard presented in this learning map is 1.1. Learning goals are stated and instruction outlined within the map. The true value of this assignment is accessed when the data contained within the map is implemented onto a lesson plan. Knowledge is transformed into practical actions that optimizes learning in accordance with the UDL framework. Lastly, informal, formal, summative, and formative assessments are used to build a bridge of knowledge that can be evaluated and retained in the future. 



TPE 3.5

Adapt subject matter curriculum, organization, and planning to support the acquisition and use of academic language within learning activities to promote the subject matter knowledge of all students, including the full range of English learners, Standard English learners, students with disabilities, and students with other learning needs in the least restrictive environment.


Value to Showcase:

This paper demonstrates how the CELDT and ELPAC are used to assess student’s identification as an English learner. Going on, this paper is valuable for teachers because it identifies ways in which annual and initial assessments can be used for data gathering. The valuable data is then used for practical instruction purposes, lesson planning, and differentiating instruction for the goal of maximizing learning.



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