TPE 4 Assignments

ITL 516 TPE Elements Addressed (4.8 and 4.7)

TPE 4.7

Plan instruction that promotes a range of communication strategies and activity modes between teacher and student and among students that encourage student participation in learning.

Related Assignment: Field Work

Fieldwork Observation

Value to Showcase:

This assignment gave me the best learning I believe I can receive which is observing a teacher in action. I saw how Ms. Collins planned instruction and communicated with her students. Ms. Collins was able to develop a fantastic lesson using arrays that included pre-lesson forms, formative assessments, and exit tickets. She used the smart board heavily and used rotations during the math lesson. Her communication was superb; she asked questions and followed to ensure understanding. Observing this lesson will enable me to use some of the tactics she used and implement them into my lessons. For a more detailed description of the lesson, click the link just above the value to showcase heading.


TPE 4.8

 Use digital tools and learning technologies across learning environments as appropriate to create new content and provide personalized and integrated technology-rich lessons to engage students in learning, promote digital literacy, and offer students multiple means to demonstrate their learning

Related Assignment: Learning Progressions Number and Operations

Numbers and Operations Fractions_ Grades 3-5

Value to Showcase:

This assignment gave me a unique insight into how math learning progresses from kindergarten through high school. In addition, I was able to see how math learning progresses specifically within Numbers and Operations. Now that I  have this perspective, I’m more capable of applying my knowledge to new content  areas across learning environments. I was able to use some of this knowledge for my project based assignment. In addition, I can now visually comprehend how student work develops over grade spans on the same topic. The digital videos in the power point further helped me understand how technology can assist in teaching students. I believe this assignment contained a preliminary element toward mastery in using digital tools to create technology-rich lessons across learning environments. Without this foundational knowledge, it would be harder to develop a solid approach that integrates, analyzes, and considers the learning progressions through all of math and fractions. This project provided a vision. A trajectory of learning that I could foresee and make happen.

Evaluating Instruction

ITL 608 TPE Elements Addressed

TPE 4.3

Design and implement instruction and assessment that reflects the interconnectedness of academic content areas and related student skills development in literacy, mathematics,science, and other disciplines across the curriculum, as applicable to the subject area of instruction.

Related Assignment: Literacy Learning Plan

Literacy lesson plan

Value to Showcase:

This assignment was valuable because we learned how to develop a lesson plan as a group. Part of constructing a lesson plan is developing meaningful academic achievement through a UDL framework so students can maximize their learning potential. This plan achieved that goal by interconnecting visual learning through articles related to different subjects. Although the lesson plan was about literacy, our team was able to infuse other subjects through the news articles that were related to the content subject matter.

TPE 4.4

Plan, design, implement and monitor instruction, making effective use of instructional time to maximize learning opportunities and provide access to the curriculum for all students by removing barriers and providing access through instructional strategies

Related Assignment: Signature Assignment

Signature Assignment Lesson Plan PDF

Value to Showcase:

This assignment is valuable because it proved to be the catalyst for developing instruction for future lessons. Learning about informal/formal assessments, closure, engaging students, using time stamps, and valuable classroom management skills are all integral for teaching well and student learning. This assignment is a foundation for future lesson planning and will give me the flexibility to change lesson planning in the future as I grow and learn from more experienced educators.



TPE 4.5

5. Promote student success by providing opportunities for students to understand and advocate for strategies that meet their individual learning needs and assist students with specific learning needs to successfully participate in transition plans (e.g., IEP, IFSP, ITP, and 504 plans.)


Value to Showcase:

This paper is helpful for evaluating student’s learning. Mastery measurement, CBM, and progress monitoring all contribute toward gathering date for planning effective instruction in the UDL framework.


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