TPE 5 Assignments




          In life we are constantly assessing ourselves to be successful and motivate us for the future. We assess our goals, how we are progressing, what we want to do, where we are going, and the feasibility of the goals we desire. Every assessment is geared toward a goal that fulfills a purpose. In ITL 514, the specific goal is assessing for the purpose of reading and instruction. However, there is a bigger goal at stake. Getting in the habit of assessing oneself for any goal will foster disciplines that correlate toward ones ultimate purpose in life. Below are some of the assessments conducted that should motivate students toward a purpose; to become a better reader. And the ultimate purpose; to be successful in life.



ITL 518

TPE 5.1

1.Apply knowledge of the purposes, characteristics, and appropriate uses of different types of assessments (e.g.,diagnostic, informal, formal, progress-monitoring, formative, summative, and performance) to design and administer classroom assessments, including use of scoring rubrics.


PBL in science ITL 518

Value to Showcase:      

In this assignment, students were assessed in many ways. During the assignment, students are monitored by the teacher for progress toward completion. In addition, students complete individual and group assessments demonstrating their knowledge. Next, students demonstrate proficiency of the subject matter by presenting the project in front of the class. Lastly, a scoring rubric is included at the end of the project.

TPE 5.5- Use assessment information in a timely manner to assist students and families in understanding student progress in meeting learning goals.

San Diego Quick Assessment

San Diego Quick (Vocab)

This assessment uses valuable data that gives the family a fundamental understanding of the reading level of the student. The student’s frustration level is at grade 7 while the instructional and independent levels aren’t expressly defined in this specific situation. This student will be able to meet learning goals based on this critical information and revised instruction that correlates with the students’ needs. 

TPE 5.2

          Collect and analyze assessment data from multiple measures and sources to plan and modify instruction and document students’ learning over time.

Assessment analysis 1

This data reflects a collective measurement of information gathered and the correlating TPE standards that need to be addressed and improved on. Modification of instruction will be implemented based on these critical data points. 

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