TPE 6 Assignments

Developing as a Professional Educator

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ITL 512 TPES 6.1 and 6.3

TPE 6.1

TPE 6.1 states a candidate should be able to “Reflect on their own teaching practice and level of subject matter and pedagogical knowledge to plan and implement instruction that can improve student learning.”

Assignment Link- Analysis paper

Value to Showcase: This assignment is valuable because it demonstrates a critical thinking component that emphasizes answering questions for improving future lessons and teaching sessions.

TPE 6.3

TPE 6.3 states a candidate should be able to “Establish professional learning goals and make progress to improve their practice by routinely engaging in communication and inquiry with colleagues.”

Assignment Link- Teaching Reflection

Value to Showcase:

This video is valuable because it helps me think about what I’m doing right, what I’m doing wrong, and then encourages me to reassess my performance based on the discussion.

TPE 6.2 Recognizing values and Biases Word Document (Word Document TPE 6.2)

Word Document TPE 6.2

Value to Showcase:

This assignment reflects the values that I have and how it impacts my teaching as a future educator

TPE  6.7 Graphic Organizers

Technology Final JPG

TPE 6.7 Graphic Organizer

Value to Showcase:

I know I have a better perspective of how Culture, Technology, History, and Economics Impact my performance as a Professional Educator. This affects my (Intra) mindset and how I inspire my students (Inter)


TPE 6.6 Understanding Professional Roles and Responsibilities PowerPoint

TPE 6.6 Professional Roles as

Co-Teachers powerpoint

TPE 6.7 Impact of Factors Power Point

Value to Showcase:

Understanding my role as a future educator is essential because it impacts what I do and how I teach. As I progress through this program and learn more, I hope to refine and narrow down my role so that I can be more effective as a teacher. 



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